How we Serve 

Mandarin Lutheran Church is committed to joyfully serving not just our congregation, but our community as well. 

As members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), we are called to "serve and advocate in response to such diverse social situations as disasters, poverty, discrimination, social policies and economic arrangements"


Collections Team



Sit 'N Stitch


Gleaning Team


Collections Team

Mandarin Lutheran Church has multiple collections teams for various outreach ministries.

Ongoing Collections

The MLC Ongoing Collections Team coordinates year-round collection and distribution of donated items such as weekly food for the Mandarin Food Bank, aluminum can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, Boxtops for Education, pet supplies for Ana’s Angels, bottle caps, grocery bags for Spirit of Life Food Pantry, etc.


Special Collections Team

The MLC Special Collections Team coordinates collection and distribution of donated items for events such as the annual school supply drive in July & August, Thanksgiving boxes for the Mandarin Food Bank, Christmas Giving Tree, Lutheran Social Services Backpack Food Program, Foster Closet support, veterans/military support drives, and other local organizations in need that we are called to serve.

Homeless Care Team

The MLC Homeless Care Team works independently and coordinates with local agencies to provide items and volunteers to assist the homeless or displaced populations in the Jacksonville area. Activities have included collecting and assembling Care Bags for those in need.





Sit 'N Stitch

The MLC Sit ‘N Stitch Team knits, crochets, and sews items to benefit our congregation, as well as local and worldwide communities. This is a great fellowship time that has provided prayer shawls for comfort, baby blankets, adult blankets, quilts, pillow cases, stuffed dolls, quiet-time Communion play sets, banners and items for our MLC youth to sell at fundraisers. Our Sit ‘N Stitch Team supports charities and causes such as; Palms West Children’s Hospital NICU, Project Linus, firefighters in Oregon, Dolls of Hope International, and local safehouse sites.





Gleaning Team

The MLC Gleaning Team coordinates with local agencies to provide volunteers to pick left over produce from recently harvested fields. The produce is provided to food banks and charity distributers in the area.

Over 6,000 pounds (3 tons!) of food was gleaned by MLC participants in 2019/2020; potatoes, beans, citrus, corn, broccoli. Gleaning benefits Waste Not Want Not of OP and the Mandarin Food Bank.