Gleaning with the Society of St. Andrews (SoSA)

Last week, Chris and Missy Paul went to Hastings for a gleaning opportunity with the Society of Saint Andrews (SoSA).They bagged tons of potatoes to be delivered to multiple agencies in Ocala and Orlando.
The field was owned by the University of Florida and their agriculture department. They are unable to sell this produce and welcome the opportunity to make sure that it does not go to waste.
Missy says, “It was a great experience and I think we’ll do it again soon!”
Spring harvesting is still happening in our area! Through SoSA, volunteer gleaners are utilized to pick leftover produce from harvested fields and/or to bag the crops for donation. Mandarin Lutheran church has been part of the gleaning system for several years. It is a rewarding “hands on” way to serve God in our community!
To become a gleaner:
  1. Register to be a gleaning volunteer at the Society of St. Andrews (SoSA) website https://endhunger.org/serve/
  2. After registering, go to the SoSA calendar to view and sign up for gleanings
  3. Contact Sue Brown outreach@mandarinlutheran.org to arrange an MLC carpool.