Meet Pastor Lori Fuller

Pastor Lori Fuller is a graduate of Luther Seminary and was ordained on February 27th, 2022. Born Deaf, Lori grew up without access to or understanding the Love of God. Thanks to a multi-denominational church in Wisconsin, she fell in love with God and felt the calling to bring God’s Love to others in the Deaf Community. Lori is the founding pastor of Palms Deaf Church (PDC) in Palm Coast, Florida. PDC works to change the statistics of where 95-98% of Deaf people are unchurched, and there are almost one million Deaf people in Florida. PDC will help meet this need by offering a hybrid ministry.
This Sunday, March 26th at 9am we have the distinct pleasure of Pastor Lori Fuller, PDC to officiate at our Worship Service assisted by Pastor Enderle.
PDC was established in 2021 by Pastor Lori Fuller who has been deaf since birth. Lori received a Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary in June of 2021 and is working with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Florida Bahamas Synod, and St. Mark by the Sea Lutheran Church in Palm Coast, Florida.
After the Worship Service we will have a reception for Pastor Fuller in the Fellowship Hall. Pastor Fuller will graciously answer any of our Congregations Questions regarding Palms Deaf Church and our possible participation in ministry to the deaf and hard of hearing..