ELCA Youth Gathering Preparations Have Begun!

ELCA Youth Gathering preparations are starting back up! Here are a couple of facts for where we are at:


What is the Youth Gathering? Its purpose is to create faith formation in our youth who have just graduated from the 8-12th grade at the time of the Gathering. This is accomplished through community service, Bible study and discussion with our synod, exploration of the Activities and Interaction Center, and daily Mass Gathering at night through worship, music, dance, speakers, etc. with 30,000 other Lutherans.

What are the specifics for this coming Gathering? It will take place in Minneapolis from 7/24/22 – 7/28/22. The theme is Boundless and comes from Ephesians 3:19 which says, “I want you to know all about Christ’s love, although it is too wonderful to be measured. Then your lives will be filled with all that God is.” In other words, God is Boundless! Registration begins on 9/22/21, but we have until 11/22/21 to lock in at the lowest possible rate.

The Boundless logo, seen above, contains letters that exceed their normal font size, rendering them…boundless! The colors also represent the Northern Lights that can be seen in Minneapolis.


How much money will be needed to get our youth to Minneapolis? The budget is always finalized in January as we will have our assigned hotel then and will know how much it costs. Registration is $350 per person. Transportation will be a little higher than normal this time as we will have to fly given the distance. We would also like to raise money for food. Our estimate is that it will cost close to $1500 per person and could have 6 – 8 participants. We are off to a great start so far but we still have a lot to raise. Once we know our hotel and know how many are going, we will be posting exactly how much more is needed in the fellowship hall.

Many regular fundraisers will be coming. However, there are two different opportunities I’d like to point out. First, there are “Gathering Sponsorships” in envelopes tacked to our picture board in the Fellowship Hall. To give a one-time donation you fill out a form containing all of your social media platforms, email address, and phone number. When we are at the Gathering, we will be sending you pictures, postcards, and messages letting you know all that we are experiencing as it happens. You will also get “shoutouts” on social media letting everyone know that you helped us get there. Just complete the form and give it back to me. There is also a “Boundless” button pack inside the envelope for you to keep.
Also, we now have a Venmo account. Whenever we have a fundraiser going, you will not need to bring cash or check. You can simply send us a donation to our Venmo account at @MLCYouth. If you’d like to give a general donation outside of fundraisers, you can certainly do that too.