Food in the Wilderness! Or Change?

Change is not something we necessarily like or want, but it happens all the same. Life is constantly changing; the world is constantly changing.  And sometimes that is a good thing whether we like it or not.


This was as true for the Israelites coming out of exile from Egypt as it is for us today.


The congregation of the Israelites had some words of complaint about their current situation. “We are hungry!” they said. “You led us out away from what we once knew to a place we have yet to see, with a life and food we know nothing about. In our old life we at least knew that our stomachs would be filled…”


They were feeling lost in the wilderness, lost between what once was and what would and could be. In this time of continued Covid outbreaks and new variants, we may feel like we are in the wilderness, lost between what was and where we are headed. We may feel like too much is changing.  However, the change brings about a new thing, a new way of living, a new way of experiencing God.


It can be a big challenge to follow God’s lead, to make changes in our lives, even when the changes are for our own good!


It can help to remember that God was there in the wilderness with the Israelites and God is with us in our wilderness today: “…they looked toward the wilderness, and the glory of the LORD appeared in the cloud.” (Exodus 16:10) In the wilderness, we need to trust that God knows where we are, and that God provides for us because God cares about us!


Ever-present God, remind us that you are with us today. Help us as we walk through the changes and challenges of life by feeding our courage with faith. Help us to remember that you always provide for our needs. Amen.